Munich is probably the second most toured city in Germany.  There are the same wide range of entertainment for all ages to be found. Some of the landmark sites not to be missed in Munich include:

Oktoberfest – A 16 day festival celebrating beer, people from from around the world to Munich in late September through early October to see the world famous beer tents and drink the local fare. Over 6 million people attend the Oktoberfest each year.

Marienplatz is the central square in the heart of Munich. Marienplatz houses the Mariensäule, the Marian Column topped with the golden statue of Virgin Mary, and it is also home to the Old and the New Town Hall of Munich.
The tower of the New Town Hall houses the Glockenspiel, a beautiful carillon that is over 100 years old. At 11 am And 12 pm the Glockenspiel chimes each day.  There are 32 life sized figures which come out and recreate scenes from German history here.

Dachau Concentration Camp – The concentration camp of Dachau, 10 miles northwest of Munich, was one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany and would serve as a model for all subsequent camps in the Third Reich.
Dachau visitors follow the “path of the prisoner”, walking the same way prisoners were forced to after their arrival in the camp. The original prisoner baths, barracks, courtyards, and the crematorium, as well as an extensive exhibition and various memorials, are all on show.

The Alps – If you head south of Munich, you will find some of the most beautiful scenery Germany has to offer. The Alps stretch over most of Southern Bavaria and include breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges, green pastures, rivers, and picturesque German towns such as Fussen and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This mountainous region is also home to many of Germany’s castles and a multitude of parks for hiking, biking and camping.


There are many beer halls in Munich, along with the English gardens, the German Museum, and the Residence Palace of Munich and are all not to be missed.

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