Historic City Hall of Cologne – Visit the oldest city hall in Germany at the Alter Market (Old Square) in Cologne; it dates back to 1150.  Over 130 statues adorn its elaborately decorated façade.

The Schildergasse – Go window-shopping on Schildergasse, the busiest shopping street in Europe. The bustling car-free pedestrian zone in the heart of Cologne boasts international department stores and modern architecture, but the street has a long history and goes back to ancient Roman times.

Rhine Promenade and Deutzer Bridge - For a spectacular view of the Cathedral and the cityscape, leave the Old Town of Cologne and cross the Rhine to the other side of the river. Stroll down the promenade, then walk back over the Deutzer Bridge, which offers stunning views of the city, especially at sunset.

Koln (Cologne) Cathedral – An historical landmark, this massive cathedral towers over the city of Cologne (Koln). The construction of the Cologne Cathedral took place from the 13th through 19th centuries and is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture.

The Baltic Coast, The Black Forest, castles too innumerable to mention, are all worth a visit while on holiday in Germany.  You will find so much to see and do that you could take a holiday once a year and still not see everything after a decade.  The richness of the culture will draw you in, and whether you like peace and serenity or the latest club scenes, you will find what you want in Germany.  Always on the cutting edge of style and music, you will find things in Germany that you will not see elsewhere for a few months longer, as the dance and music scene in Germany is replicated the world over.

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