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No matter who you are travelling with, be it your family, friends, or just by yourself,  Germany has many captivating cities landscapes for you to discover. From outdoor activities, shopping, theatre and the arts, enjoying shopping, and every type of accommodation from youth hostels to five star hotels.

It will be great news to find that travelling to Germany is simple, safe and affordable, and there are lots of specials to be found on airlines and trains, as well as buses once in Germany. Getting around couldn’t be easier, thanks in no small part to the excellent roads and what could arguably be described as the world’s finest infrastructure for coach and train travel.

The choice of accommodation is also geared to the needs of young people. There are many youth hostels to choose from that all offer self catering accommodation, but also have food, towels, maps, and plenty of brochures showing everything Germany has on offer in terms on entertainment, including time specific schedules for the latest plays and exhibitions.  Tips for organised youth trips are available from the German Federal Forum for Children and Youth Travel.

Having picked out a great place to stay you are then ready to go exploring. Germany’s  biggest cities are places that, once seen, yearn to be discovered. Go to Düsseldorf for fashion, Berlin for the music, Hamburg for art, and Munich for a great night out.

The music scene in Germany covers every spectrum of music, from punk to classical, country, traditional, rock, pop, and there are many live bands playing throughout the major cities every night of the week.  No matter what type of music you are into you can find some to enjoy around the country.  Highlights in the festival calendar include the ever-popular Rock am Ring and Nature One – Germany’s biggest festival of electronic music.

If hiking or walking is your scene, you will find several well established trails throughout the country of varying lengths and difficulty levels; anything from walking areas great for a leisurely stroll or some of the heaviest rock climbing you could encounter.  If you have ever wondered what it would be like to walk under a star lit sky surrounded my nature and serenity you can find out in the German countryside.

English is widely spoken throughout Germany and many sights and attractions are offered in foreign languages. Classes teaching German are available everywhere, you’ll find internationally renowned language schools in almost every city. Alternatively, a number of universities run annual summer schools lasting several weeks. Not only do these teach you the language, they also introduce you to the German way of life.

There are 37 different places in Germany that are on the UNESCO heritage list:

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